Web application

Do you want to have a web application developed? You can leave that to our software development team. Whether it concerns a new platform that your will blow your sector away with or an internal portal. We are proud to have knowledge of many different technologies, so we can be sure to find a technology that fits the needs of your new platform.

Web application

Building an application involves more than converting a design into a beautiful website. You will likely want to store user data and automate work processes. With our expertise in the field of web design and development and our knowledge of many different technologies, we will convert your vision into a beautiful application.

This is how we workOur services


We start with an intake interview. During this meeting we will look at all aspects of the project in detail. What are the wishes? Who are the users and what are their goals? All functionalities will be discussed here and you will be able to ask us all the questions you might still have.


When the entire project has been clearly layed out for everyone, we start setting up a functional and technical design. This is where all functionalities of the application will be written out and refined. We will also look at which techniques best meet the needs of the product.

When all technical aspects have been worked out, we can get started with the visual design of the application. User-friendliness is always our top priority, and we ensure that the design will fit your brand.


Once the design has been approved, the construction of the application will start. During development we work with the agile method and we like short lines, so that any changes can be implemented as quickly as possible.

During this phase you will also become acquainted with our development environment. This is a streamlined way of developing, testing and implementing, with each of these phases having its own environment, ensuring a smooth, efficient and safe developing and mainting process.


After launching the web application we will be ready to perform maintenance and updates. We strive for flexibility in our services and you can be sure that we will continue to optimize your product.

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